I’m starting this as a “cooking diary” to note down part of the things that I have been  doing for leisure during this very special year away from home. Half a year has passed now since I arrived in Leeds _ can’t believe how time flies_ and this has given a precious chance for me to do a lot of things I haven’t had the time to do before. ‘ve always loved doing these domestic stuffs, especially cooking ^^, so why not learn some new dishes while I’m here?!  guess I’ve evolved too much  around Vietnamese food.

Just want to keep in order and in category the recipes I practice at times _to help myself memorize the tips needed for each recipe after I’ve done it, and also to find them more easily later on when I wish to cook them again.  This colourful and versatile blog-environment is much more inspiring than black and white diary on Microsoft :”)


Ngân   ^^


1st of May 2009

Currently: Leeds, U.K

Permanently: Hanoi, Vietnam

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One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous One on 24/05/2009 at 4:25 chiều

    Nice pages here sis, very nice dishes and beautiful flowers, gonna spend my free time reading these. Gosh, enjoy food by my eyes 😦

    Phản hồi

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